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Gift of Flight:

Preserving Exotic Wings, Nurturing Colorful Spirits

Gift Of Flight is a Mini Breeding, Research and Conservation Facility for Avian Species located in Kolkata, India. We are focussing on exotic parrot & parakeet species along with a finch species. The main goal is to conserve them in captivity.

With a keen interest in birds and a very slow start, our love for Aviculture has exponentially multiplied to an infinite limit. Passion turned a part-time profession we take a serious leap into this field of exotic bird conservation under captivity and hope to help them thrive amongst us as a breeding programme and also help others to take care and nurture these beautiful feathery friends as their lifetime companion.

Aviculture is deeply rooted in our blood and we hope to propagate it amongst others in the most finest way possible.

Using the world wide web in today’s era is the most important way to connect with a wider array of audience and help people understand the value of Aviculture and birds not only in our day to day life but also to restore nature and balance a healthy ecology.

Since then we’ve been breeding & keeping birds of various kinds from Agapornis to Grey Parrots and hoping to expand our vision in the days to come. Love for Aviculture will never diminish from our end and we will continue to help anyone who’s seeking for us in this domain.

At Present in Gift Of Flight we are constituting more than 15 species & sub-species of various kinds of birds in our breeding programme from Lories & Lorikeets to Red Factor Suncheek Conures to Bigger Parrots like African Grey & Amazons. We have different dedicated facilities where we house them and nurture them. We promise to serve the Indian Aviculture through our learnings and hope to add value to the international community as well. India is a thriving place for the Aviculture boom which is about to take place in this decade and to miss out on the chance of being a part of this journey will be a major loss. The beauty which birds can give to your home is immeasurable and incomparable to anything and for that you should not miss out on the chance to contact us directly and get a better vision suited to your home or aviary. This website will surely be informative as well as take you on a beautiful ride about the world of birds and how they can be a part of us in our daily lives.

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